What is The RT Foundation?

The RT Foundation is an Australian non-for-profit organisation, partnering individuals and businesses with life changing projects in India. These projects empower children, families and entire communities to live a life free from poverty.  

How does The RT Foundation decide which children receive support?

Children are mostly supported within larger, long-term community development projects. Whilst aiming to have all children within a project village sponsored, we give first preference to those more vulnerable to the effects of poverty. This includes children of low castes, girls or children that are approaching an age where desperate parents are likely to send them to work.

How do I write Letters?

Every year you will be invited to send a letter to your child. Kids love receiving your cards and are always excited to write a reply. You’ll receive a letter from us a few months before Christmas, with instructions on how and what to write, either via our online portal or by post. We encourage sponsors to send photos of themselves and ask questions of your child. This communication is a highlight for sponsors and their children alike.

Can I send my sponsored child a gift?

Everyone loves gift giving, especially at those special times of year. We give sponsors the option to send a gift with their letters at Christmas.
However posting gifts can be quite expensive and often incurs high customs duties that The RT Foundation must pay. It's also common for gifts to go missing in the Indian post.

Therefore we ask sponsors that would like their child to receive a Christmas gift to send a monetary donation. We then cooperate with our local project managers in purchasing gifts locally. This not only allows your money to buy more, but it ensures your child is getting something they want and need, in their language and cultural appropriateness. 

How much of my sponsorship is used for administration and advertising?

We are committed to ensuring that your money makes as big a difference in the lives of people as possible. As a smaller organisation, run primarily on volunteers, we’re able to get more of your funds directly to the projects. In 2018, 89% of our funds went toward our programs benefitting children and their communities.

The remaining 11% was spent on administrative costs and sponsor communications. These are the essential day to day running costs of our work and includes operating our finance and administration teams and banking, logistics and technical teams in India. It also includes the costs associated with sponsor/sponsee communication, which is a valuable part of what we do. To date we have spent no substantial amounts on advertising.

What does the operation funds donation go towards?

You will be asked on checkout whether you would like to donate towards our operations fund. This is completely optional and goes towards all of the above mentioned overheads. In turn, this helps us to improve and maintain the high percentage of funds to directly benefit children and communities in India.

How much of my donation will my sponsored child actually receive?

Your contribution is combined with that of other sponsors so we can provide long-term resources for lasting change for all the children in your child’s community. Your support will help provide your child with the basic necessities like access to clean water, better nutrition, basic healthcare, education, and economic opportunities for his or her family. We offer assistance according to the needs of the community. We believe the best way to change the life of a child is to change the community in which he or she lives.

How do I know I can trust The RT Foundation with my money?

We are committed to being an organisation worthy of the support and trust of our contributors. Integrity is not only a commitment; it is a value that drives who we are and what we do. This commitment is enacted through several efforts to ensure accountability and transparency.  As an organisational partner of Global Development Group, we comply with their standards and are independently audited annually.

In addition, our project partners in India are audited annually with ongoing financial and operational monitoring. Through these audits, we can ensure that all programs are meeting minimum standards of financial accountability and program integrity.

Are my donations to The RT Foundation tax deductible? 

All donations over $2 in Australia are tax-deductible.

When will I receive my end of financial year tax receipt from The RT Foundation?

All sponsorship tax receipts are raised at the beginning of July and emailed shortly after the end of financial year. For once off donations you will receive an email receipt on payment completion.

What is the maximum age that a child remains in the Child Sponsorship Program?

The duration a child remains in the program is assessed by the educational needs of the child rather then age. At the age of 18 sponsors receive the regular update on their child with their future aspirations. If the child is pursuing further university studies, sponsors will be given the option to either cease sponsorship or continue their support until their child, turning adult, finishes their studies.  

Am I able to communicate with my sponsored child on social media?

Globally, we are more connected through the internet and social media than ever before. Even in remote parts of India the internet is becoming more and more accessible. This means there may be the possibility of a sponsored child adding us on social media.

It can be exciting to get in touch with your sponsored child which is why we invite sponsors to send a card or letter annually, either digitally or in the mail. 

However we ask that sponsors do not contact sponsored children via social networking sites because it can pose problems that may put your sponsored child’s safety and well-being at risk:

  • It can put you and your sponsored child in a difficult position - people may pressure your sponsored child to ask for gifts, money or other favours. 
  • Others might access your sponsored child’s social media account, which means that your correspondence and details may not be kept private.
  • There can be misunderstandings because of differences in language and culture, which is why our letters utilise a translator.
  • A lack of safeguards on social media can lead to inappropriate communication.

We encourage you to connect with your sponsored child through us. We will invite you to write a letter every year, a few months before Christmas. 

Can I volunteer at The RT Foundation?

Yes! Our Ormeau, Queensland office has many regular and casual volunteers doing all sorts of interesting and essential office jobs which help keep operation costs down. There may also be opportunity to volunteer your time remotely. So please contact us if you’d like to be a part of a great team and have a positive impact on the world.

Can I fundraise for The RT Foundation?

Absolutely! For those wanting to partner with us and make a difference in the world, we run an Ambassadors Program. This program connects motivated individuals with projects they are passionate about. This might be girls rights, clean water or education for impoverished children. Whatever you are a passionate about changing in the world, chances are we have a project for you. We then help empower you with the fundraising tools you might need. Contact us for more information on The RT Foundation Ambassador Program.  

Are there employment opportunities available in The RT Foundation?

Nearly all paid staff are local Indian Project Managers, with only one paid staff member working here in Australia. We are a big believer in employing local people, with local knowledge, building the capacity of local communities. Most administrative work carried out in Australia is done by a group of dedicated volunteers. Whilst we don’t have any foreseeable employment opportunities, there may be a place for you amid our volunteer team.

Does my sponsored child receive Christian teaching through The RT Foundation program?

The RT Foundation is an organisation that exists to see people set free of poverty. This endeavour to see people realise their value and live a life we believe all humanity is entitled to, aligns with christian teachings. We educate the children of their own worth, bringing values around generosity, integrity, purpose, tolerance and love. It is our vision to see human beings from various faiths, political and cultural backgrounds, unite in one common cause: to see humanity set free from poverty.

Is The RT Foundation part of a church?

We are not a part of a specific religious organisation, but do receive significant support from various churches and its members. The work of The RT Foundation originated from endeavours of two individuals from Australian Christian Churches but has since become an independent non-for-profit organisation.

What do I use My Account for?

In the My Account section of our website you can login and view your orders, manage your contributions and update contact details.

What if I've forgotten my username or password to My Account?

If you have forgotten your password you can send a password reset request to yourself from the login page. Or simply get in contact and we can reset it for you.

The RT Foundation has contacted me to say I missed a contribution. What has happened?

Ah, direct banking! If one of your payments is not successful our system will try another 3 times to process the payment before we get in contact with you directly. It could be that your credit/debit card has expired and you need to update your details. It could be that there were insufficient funds in the account. Either way you can get in contact with us to discuss whats next.

What If I need to cancel my sponsorship?

We understand that circumstances change, and that’s why you can cancel your sponsorship at any time, for any reason. If that happens, we’ll continue to care for the child through our work in the community and will seek to find the child a new sponsor. If you don’t wish to cancel your sponsorship, but would like to adjust your donations, we have flexible options to help you continue your support in a way that suits you. You may also like to consider sharing the cost of child sponsorship with others. Some sponsors team up with a friend or family member. It's also possible to transfer your existing child sponsorship to someone else. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

I live outside of Australia, can I sponsor a child or donate through The RT Foundation?

Yes we accept international contributors and credit card payments however we advise that you to get in contact with us first.

Can a representative from The RT Foundation come and speak at my organisation or event?

We would love to! We are passionate about engaging and connecting people to life changing works and causes. Whether it's your business, church or event we can tailor a presentation to you and your objectives. Contact us to discuss options.

How can I get my business or organisation involved?

There are many ways your business or organisation can partner with The RT Foundation to make a difference in the lives of children and families in India.

  • With your own giving project

We partner with organisations to develop your very own signature charitable project. This means your organisation can take on its very own program, engaging your members, employees and/or customers. These projects are tailored to your own passions, your business/organisation and its giving budget. We work with you to infuse purpose and CSR into your organisation, with a knowledge that ‘doing good, also means doing well’. Link to video

  • Corporate child sponsorship

Your business or organisation may choose to sponsor one or more children. You’ll receive information about each sponsored child and, like individual sponsors, have the opportunity to visit them in their community.

  • Workplace Giving Program

This option can deliver benefits for both employers and their staff. Employees can opt in to make a regular pre-tax donation from their pay (supporting child sponsorship or other programs), providing an immediate tax benefit. Employers may also choose to match employees’ donations or make one-off corporate charity donations.

  • Making a Donation

Making a one off or regular donation to support life-changing work in a range of areas including health, water, education, livelihoods and emergencies.