India Trip 2017 - Day ONE-der of the World

India Trip 2017 - Day ONE-der of the World

Every year we take a small team of volunteers to India to see and engage with the Foundation's projects and the people they empower.  But there's nothing small about this years team, or the two weeks ahead of them.

They will participate in a heap of the Foundation's initiatives, a sure highlight being the opening of the Lepers Colony Housing Project this week!  But first, what better place to begin ones Indian journey then the Taj Mahal. Today the team trekked to Agra to behold this wonder of the world!

So on behalf of Matt, Dan, Hannah, Sarah, Brent, Mark, Alywne, Camryn, Marina, Michel, Leon, Beth, Leah, Jayden, John, Anne, Stevie and Byron let me invite you to be a part of our journey. Help us celebrate the amazing work being done and follow the team as they share their thoughts and experiences. 


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