COVID-19 - Red Zone Crisis

COVID-19 - Red Zone Crisis

India’s 21-day coronavirus lockdown, the worlds largest, has already had catastrophic consequences on the nation’s poorest. Millions of daily labourers are without work and are going hungry. The International Labour Organization (ILO) said this week that 400 million Indians risk falling deeper into poverty during the crisis.

These fears grow, as the nation extends the lockdown in “RED ZONES”- areas declared, infection ‘hotspots’.  The four districts that The rt Foundation work in have all been marked ‘red zones’.

Our managers working on the ground are being inundated with pleas for help; Fathers who relied on their daily wage and can no longer feed their children, community elders, leaders and pastors who fear for the future of their villagers.


In the first few weeks of the nationwide lockdown, the Foundation delivered 20 days’ worth of food to every family within our projects. This food however will not last the now extended 'red zone' lockdown. We are preparing for another food drop in the coming days.  The Foundation will also be expanding it's efforts to meet the needs of those outside the villages we work in. Food provisions will be extended to surrounding villages that are in dire need and we will provide as many meals to as many families as funds allow.


Amongst the poor, this pandemic has become a humanitarian crisis and we are responding as such.  All of our funds and activities are being redirected to meeting basic food and health needs. We are so grateful for your continued support during this time. In this time, every bit of support counts as it is another meal for another family that will otherwise go without.

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