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We believe in one humanity. A humanity that is most vibrant when we all have what we need to live a full life. When one suffers, human kind suffers and when one thrives our shared humanity thrives.


We believe that there is no better way to spend our energies, then on enriching our world.


The Foundation is a space that enables passionate, generous, conscious, world changing people to join forces and use what they have to make a difference. 


To eat, to drink, to live safely, to have access to good health and an education. We believe these are the rights of all humanity. Rights that we are commited to fighting for, for those in the nation of India. We are part of a global movement for change, that believes that poverty is the result of human action or inaction, and therefor can be ended. 


Thanks to the generosity of many, hundreds of orphaned children are loved, fed and educated; discarded widows are cared for; the sick and impoverished are given free medical and dental treatment, the homeless are homed, the powerless are empowered to create a future free from poverty.  Lives are forever changed and the cycle of poverty is broken .


The need in this nation is great but the stories of changed lives are even greater.



Over the past decade Foundation projects have...

- Enabled more then 300 boys and girls to receive an education 

- Given safe homes to more then 500 children, widows, lepers and families 

- Provided over 1.8 million meals, more then 60 life saving medical treatments and given over 20,000 people access to free health  services

Reaching Thousands Foundation

Reaching Thousands Foundation

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